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Level 3A Semi-private curriculum

Week 1

Day 1
Materials: "Great Ideas" tape unit 1
Great Ideas "You and me" - Review use of questions
Vocabulary Describng People (Adjective Alphabet Game)

Day 2
Materials: A map of Vancouver/Bus Schedule
Describing where they live
Describing direction how to get to their house
Describing how to get from place to place in Vancouver

Day 3
Materials: White Spot restaurant menu
Menu vocabulary
Ordering and taking orders

Day 4 Weather
Materials: Great Ideas tape - radio weather forecast
Newspaper (Weather forecast)

Day 5
Describing places

Week 2

Day 1 Shopping Fashion
Review clothing vocabulary
Fashion Show

Day 2 Shopping
Materials: Shopping Fliers
What's the next thing you're going to buy?

Day 3
Materials: Travel Guide
Day 4
Day 5 Coffee - Crepe de France
Practicing "IF"

Week 3
Day 1 Great Ideas
Unit 7
TV Guide
Create your own story based on the pictures
Dating Game
Day 2
Day 3
Talking about work
Day 4
Day 5 English Talking about the environment

Week 4
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4

Introduction to Business English Curriculum

Month 1
Week 1 Business Presentations
Week 2 Socializing across cultures
Monday Students have to sell something
Week 3 Meetings
Monday SWOT Analysis of a company
Week 4 Business Correspondence
Monday Describing an invention

Month 2
Week 5 Telephone Skills
Week 6 Negotiations
Week 7 Finance
Week 8 Marketing

TOEIC Study Materials

  1. Oxford University Press - Oxford Preparation Course for the TOEIC Test
  2. Oxford University Press - Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Volume 1
  3. Oxford University Press - Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Volume 2... And don't forget to get the Combined Teacher's Guide and Answer key
  4. >Oxford University Press - Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Volume 1 Teacher's Guide and Answer Keys
  5. Oxford University Press - Oxford Practice Tests for the TOEIC Volume 2 Teacher's Guide and Answer Keys
  6. Longman Press - Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC Test Introductory Course by Lin Lougheed + Answer Key
  7. Longman Press - Longman Preparation Series for the TOEIC Test Advanced Course by Lin Lougheed + Answer Key
  8. Barron's 600 Essential Words for the TOEIC
  9. Barron's How To Prepare for the TOEIC Test by Lin Lougheed
  10. Timed Readings: Fifty 400-Word Passages with Questions for Building Reading Speed

Business Tools - SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis


  • Strengths: What advantages does the company have?
  • What does the company do well?
  • What unique or low cost resources does the company have access to?
  • What do other companies in the market fear about your company?


  • What are the good opportunities facing the company?
  • What are the interesting trends in the company's market?

Useful opportunities can come from such things as:

  • Changes in technology and markets on both a broad and narrow scale
  • Changes in government policy related to the field
  • Changes in social patterns, population profiles, lifestyle changes, etc.
  • Local events


  • What obstacles does the company face?
  • What is their competition doing?
  • Are the required specifications for the market, products or services changing?
  • Is changing technology threatening the company's position?
  • Does the company have bad debt or cash-flow problems?
  • Could any of the weaknesses seriously threaten your business?

Business Class publish Addison Wesley Publishing Company
Business Grammar and Practice Michael Duckworth Oxford University Press
Head for Business Jon Naunton Oxford University Press
Market Leader Intermediate Business English, by David Cotton, David Falvey and Simon Kent Longman Press

Get to know your students

Don't forget to take some time at break or after class to find out how your students are doing.

Asking your students shows them that you are concerned about them.

Don't forget to get some feedback on your class.

How are you doing?
Do you think your English is improving?
Are you finding the class difficult?
Is the material too easy?
Do you like the book?
Are you getting enough listening?

On-line listening material

With the explosion in on-line video there's a cornucopia of listening material on the web. Here are some sites for you to check out.

And here's a site that makes it easy for you to download video to your desktop.

[video width="320" height="240"][/video]

Books for English Teachers

I use Jeremy Harmer's blue book as the textbook for my introductory TESL course. It's non-technical and an easy read. Perfect for someone who wants to start teaching.

The Practice of English Teaching and Contemporary Linguistics are much deeper. They're ideal for an experienced teacher who wants to add a solid foundation to their teaching.

How to teach English by Jeremy Harmer (Blue Book)

Contemporary Linguistic Analysis by Michael Doblovolsky, William O'Grady

The Practice of English Teaching by Jeremy Harmer (Red Book)

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English Language Teaching Forum

Check out ELTforum for languge teaching ideas.

Jeremy Harmer

Jeremy Harmer's two books, "The Practice of English Language Teaching" (the red book) and "How To Teach English" (the blue book) are two of the most popular TESOL course books.

An interview with Jeremy Harmer.